Online Registration for school year 2019 – 2020

Please read the following important points first before you start with the registration process:

  1. Please review the class and textbook/material fee on the classes link.
    1. For current students, please ensure the current information entered is correct. If you don’t know which new class to select, please ask your current teacher.
    2. For new students/new parents, please create an account first then enter the family and student information. Please contact to school if you have any question.
    3. Please make sure you specify either Simplified or Traditional for class material.
  2. If you are capable to enter the Chinese names (with Chinese language setup on your computer) for you and/or your children, please do so. This can save us lots time to enter Chinese name(s) later.
  3. The red * denotes required fields.
  4. The time-out for a session with no activity is around 3 minutes. You can always log in again to continue registration process if your account was created.
  5. After you have finished the registration process please print and sign a check payable to CBCM-CS. You can either mail the second page of the printout and check to 4414 Muncaster Mill Road, Rockville, MD 20853 or simply give to CBCM-CS staff at church.
  6. Please review the high level registration steps below.

Please follow the steps below to complete the registration process:

  1. Click on the START button to start to start with the registration process.
  2. On the Log in In screen, enter your user id and password.
    1. If you forgot id and/or password please click on the link to send an email to school. The school will reply an email to you with your user id and password.
    2. Please create a new account for your family if this is your first time using school’s online registration system.
  3. On the Home Address screen, enter the Home address, parent’s information, and emergency contact information.
  4. On the Student Information< screen, all data are needed (including birth date except adult) except email address. The accumulated total for tuition and textbook/material fee are displayed on the bottom of screen.
  5. On the Summary of Fees screen, you are able to enter the tax-deductible donation.
  6. On the Parent/Guardian Agreement screen, read the agreement and click I Accept the Agreement to continue.
  7. On the Parent’s Guidelines screen, please read through the guidelines and click on the I Will Perform Parent’s Duty during the School Year to continue.
  8. On the Verify Information screen, please verify the information and click Submit.
  9. On the screen,
  10. The system will return you a registration number to confirm the success of your submission. Please follow the instruction above to complete the registration process.

hanks for participating the online registration system. If you have any questions please contact with school. We are glad to help you to complete the registration process.