Non-Chinese Classes

Public Speaking class (taught in English): online course “whoever tells the best story – win!” This is the true reality to excel in the United States and most other parts of the world. Everyone is coachable to succeed at schools, work, building friendship and career, and for enjoying a colorful life!
Coach: George, coaching public speaking in a few Chinese and community schools in the Metropolitan Washington DC region in the past 6+ years. He has been successfully helping youngsters at Grade 1-12 in our communities; quite many of them won medals/scholarship in local public speaking competitions.
Age: 5+, Limited by 10.

Tang Soo Do 唐手道 (in person, Sundays 1-2PM)
The art strives to make one a better person, not to simply teach one to fight. The human body tends to be lazy but through diligent martial arts training the art serves to enrich the mind and make things possible, things that we thought we could never physically do, simply because we never dared to try.
Chief Instructors: Paula Lei (Sam Dan). 3rd Degree Blackbelt. Trained 21 years in this martial art, and obtained blackbelt Y2004 under Master Richards in Pocono TSD, PA. Lead and teach at RBCTSD, Chief instructor at Redland Baptist Church -Redland Tang Soo Do Club, MD, for 11 years. Taking mentorship under Masters Soon and Z in NOVA.
Assistant: Braedon Megary (ChoDanBo). Chodanbo (Blackbelt candidate). Additional instructors available.
Age: 7+

Basketball (Fellowship Hall, Sundays 4-5PM)
Basic skill training
Coach: Nathan Lin
Age: 5+

Programming (Classroom, Sundays 4-5PM)
Learn how to program a robot using scratch and Python! No experience needed!
Teacher: Eliana Wang
Age: 10+

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